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Check which companies a loan is available free of charge, pre-paid, pre-paid and advance payments before the loan is granted. More exposition at

The majority of people with non-banking loans are mistaken, mainly because one day a prepayment was required to obtain such a loan. It was a non-refundable fee, both if we received a loan and if our loan application was rejected. Today, a loan without fees is almost a standard and practically every self-respecting loan company does not require the customer to pay any money before granting the loan.

Preparatory payment, advance payment, prepayment – until recently often practiced by various types of loan companies. Most often, however, this method was used by companies that often allowed themselves to cheat their clients. I will not mention specific names here because these brands have already disappeared from the domestic market or are being prosecuted. Their way of deceiving a potential victim has always been similar. The company offered a high amount of non-bank loan, which the client had no chance to get through the bank. However, in order to receive it, the company required to pay a non-small, non-refundable prepayment in the amount of several dozen to even.. several hundred zlotys.

Today’s market of non-bank loans is much more civilized and no self-respecting loan company requires payment of additional fees before granting the loan. Therefore, we should avoid offers from companies that require us to transfer larger fees as well as high value text messages. The only acceptable method of prepayment is the verification fee in the form of a small payment made from the bank account of the person applying for the loan. It is usually 1 penny, 10 cents or a maximum of 1 zlotys. Often such a fee is returned to the borrower’s account after positive verification of the data.

A non-bank loan without initial fees

A non-bank loan without initial fees

Duper Gross – A company that does not require additional fees before granting loans or even verification fees. A fast loan, under which we receive money directly to a bank account after positive verification. The current offer of the company is loans up to PLN 10,000 with the possibility of spreading the repayment on monthly non-bank installments. The loan repayment period can be from 2 to even 48 months. The main condition for obtaining a loan is 18 years old.

Calso Loan – an offer for people looking for a non-bank loan from a reliable source. The Calso Loans offer includes several different offers that are matched depending on our profile. The company will match us with a specific offer depending on the amount of loan we are looking for and the period in which we intend to pay back the entire amount borrowed. The amounts of available loans can reach up to PLN 25,000 and the loan repayment period up to 12 months. The offer is available to all people who are 18 or older and have a current ID card.

Forminem – another of the companies in which a non-bank loan is available free of charge. In Forminem, loans are available in two different options. The first one is a home loan, which has been in the company’s offer for almost 20 years. The loan is provided at the customer’s place of residence and served by the company’s employee, which is relatively expensive to pay. A much cheaper loan offer is an internet loan, visible in the offer as a self-service loan. The amounts of available loans in the Forminem may reach up to PLN 15,000 with a repayment period up to 24 months. The main requirements on the road to obtaining a loan in the Providenc are 18 years and having an ID card.

Carriedo – a company that also grants loans without prepayments. To obtain a loan, you do not need to pay a verification fee, provided that you use the loan option without transferring a penny. Instead, a special Connect Account application is used, which will verify our bank account from the machine. The Carriedo loan offer covers PLN 1,000 to PLN 10,000, with repayment terms from 1 to 24 months. As with most of the offers presented today, the main requirement for obtaining a loan is 18 years.

Eicredit – like a predecessor, a company that makes it possible to obtain a loan without performing a verification transfer. Like Carriedo, a brand associated with Kreditech, which uses the Konto Connect application for additional data verification. This is the only company in this list, which gives loans only in the form of payday loans. You get a loan through it, whose repayment period can be from 7 to 30 days. The amounts of available loans for both new and regular Eicredit clients can range from PLN 300 to PLN 3,000. The company will process our loan application, provided that we have completed 18 years of service at the time of application.

Zongga – another of the companies in which a loan is available free of charge, both initial and verification. It is possible thanks to the alternative method, using the Passport Transfer24 application. Wongi’s current offer is both payday loans and long-term loans. As part of the payday loan, we will borrow up to PLN 3000 for a period of 60 days, and up to PLN 15,000 for an installment loan. A promotional offer of a loan for PLN 10 for new customers is still available. To obtain a loan in a company, it is required to have completed 18 years and no debts in the debtors’ databases and Retro databases.

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